Frequently Asked Questions

Up to what age can children get on city buses for free?

Up to 6 years old

Are unlimited travel cards available?

Yes. You can get them from the station office in Efkarpidi square.

Where are school and student cards issued?

In the secretariats of schools and colleges.

From which Security Forces do the executives have the right to travel for free with the City Buses?

All Security Forces: Coast Guard, Fire Brigade, Police.

How do I get a disabled card once I am eligible?

The interested person who has the characteristics of a person with special needs can contact the Social Welfare service of the Prefecture of Pieria, with their health book, the opinion of the committee, the declaration of the tax office, the police identity card.

How often is the disability card renewed?

Every year. Approximately the renewal is done at the end of March by Social Welfare or by the KEPs of the Prefecture and the Municipalities and then the beneficiary will have to consider his card also from ASTIKO KTEL KATERINIS S.A.

Is the disability card issued by the Pieria Prefecture Social Welfare service valid in the rest of Greece?

As far as travel by City buses is concerned, it is only valid for Katerini and is free, while for Intercity buses it is valid for the whole of Greece with a 50% discount.

Where can I address if an item is lost?

Call the station office at telephone. 2351037600

How is the purchase and sale of Urban Buses tickets tax-regulated (regarding mini-market kiosks, etc. that are supplied wholesale)?

Final distributors of tickets to the public do not issue tax information when selling tickets. They also do not issue tax information for their supply. The relevant revenue is shown in their books maintained based on the deemed receipt they receive at the time of receipt of the tickets. The recipient of the receipt will include the commission amount in the sales statement because this receipt replaces the service invoice in this particular case. The ticket sales commission is exempt from VAT. The return of the tickets to the Urban KTEL is not foreseen by the procedure of their disposal. A.Y.O. 1077259/545 POL 1233/30-6-1993 (Government Gazette 528 B΄).