Company Profile

What are the KTEL?

The acronym KTEL stands for “COMMON TRANSPORT REVENUE FUNDS”, and are peculiar urban and intercity road transport companies established in 1952.
In every county and island in the country, individual bus operators operating transport services under a state licence were united in a kind of consortium.
Each bus is owned by one or more owners.
All buses are routed and coordinated by the traffic office of the The collections are collected by the financial services of the KTEL and shall be allocated to the bus owners after deduction of staff, administrative and other costs.
From his dividend, each bus and coach owner pays his driver and operating costs (fuel, maintenance).

Company Profile

In the mid-50s, the first cooperative of bus owners was founded in Katerini under the name “Ag. Over the years the following were established KTEL and therefore the“PRIVATE KTEL KATERINES operating under the latter name until 30/9/2003. From 1/10/2003 it was renamed“ASTIKO”. KTEL KATERINES S.A.”

From 1972 to 1978 the urban and intercity transport KTEL Pieria was one. From 1978 where they were split up until 30/9/2003 it operated under the name “Urban KTEL Katerini”. From 1/10/2003 it was renamed to“ASTIKO KTEL KATERINES S.A.”

The company’s fleet consists of 31 buses (16 privately owned and 15 cooperative buses). 21 of them have the capacity to carry 100 people each, 1 articulated bus (18 meters) with the capacity to carry 180 people, 5 Midi Bus with the capacity to carry 80 people and 4 Mini Bus (8 meters) with the capacity to carry 60 people used on the regional line No4. The company also has 4 “Tourist Trains” for operation. The entire fleet of the company travels more than 150 thousand kilometres per month.

Board of Directors

President: Aristides Ofidis Aristides

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Eleftheriadis Spyridon
  • Vavazsioulas Ioannis
  • Asarides Nikolaos
  • Orphanides Georgios

GEMI number: 52392448000